​’Marathon Læsedag’

​Skriver du, og har du nogle tekster, som du godt kunne tænke dig, at få feedback på, så tag dem med når Københavns Kunstskole afholder Marathon Læsedag.

Her kan du få vejledning og undervisning af skolens professionelle undervisere, i et forum med andre som dig, der godt kan lide at skrive og læse tekster.

Der er åbent for alle. Du behøver ikke sende tekst i forvejen, du tilmelder dig blot via vores hjemmeside og møder op på dagen.

Det vil blive afholdt lørdag d. 11. januar fra 09.00-18.00

Pris: 1.250,-

​Contemporary Performance Practice – A workshop

Where does performance come from, the focus on process, performativity in different practices, collaboration.

Starting with a brief historical account of performance art, stopping to look at Dada, Fluxus, the happening scene, feminist work from the 60′s onwards, we will talk about two different ways of generating a performative practice: one focused on attention to process and a subjective experience, another one focused on dialog and collaboration.

The workshop will be open and dynamic, we will show our self-curated archive of performance work which includes references from film and pop music. Our aim is to feed into a conversation in which the focus is on risk-taking in order to open up practices into experimental and experience based territories, to encourage new practitioners to go in that direction within their work.


​Kunstlinjen får besøg af Performance gruppe fra London.
​I kan her læse om pigerne, deres arbejde, og workshoppen.

Daniella Valz

Gen’s work investigates liveness, physicality and subjectivity. Her research uses reflexive anthropology as a methodology to explore material culture, pop culture and their relationship to the collective subconscious. She’s interested in the collapse of life into art and vice versa, and in ritual as a means to generate that merge. She has recently showed work at the Freud Museum, ICA and London Art Fair and is currently preparing for a solo show in Nagoya, Japan.

Natalie Marr

Natalie works mostly in video, photography and research-based projects, with a passion for speculative fictions and the physical and haptic qualities of visual and aural formats. Natalie also works as part of the collective group+work and recently co-ran Latymer Projects, an artist-led project space in West London. group+work operates under the ethos of collaboration, co-operation and mutual support, with an interest in exploring methods for alternative art production. Since 2011 group+work has supported recent graduates and those in the early stages of their career, through exhibitions, how-to-guides and peer-review sessions.

Daniella and Natalie collaborated in creating Repeat Rewind Rephrase, a programme of performance art, discussions, and screenings aimed at reflecting on the relationship between live work and archival material. RRR took place on the summer of 2012, in Latymer Projects.

Daniella and Natalie also co-edited a publication to accompany the programme, and since then they’ve taught workshops at Sotherby’s Art Institute in London and are currently planning a re-launch of the publication


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